USB Power Port on Wyze Bulb and/or Wyze Plug

I don’t know if it is possible but I’d like to suggest it anyway.

A USB socket in the Wyze Plug and Wyze Bulb to power either of the Wyze cameras (5V/1000mA or 5V/2000mA).

This would free up power sockets and would allow me to easily attach a camera to the ceiling when using the Bulb’s power. The bulb would be problematic as it could be turned off too easily, but definitely on the plug.

This would be brilliant, I am currently trying to figure out the best way to get power to a front porch cam, but 8 have two wyze bulbs already there! I’d pay more for this!

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I use these in porch light fixtures , you leave power on for the camera so the wyze bulbs would still work also , I have dusk to dawn bulbs in mine


My fixtures are at the height limit with the wyze bulbs. So this won’t work for me, but I am considering new fixtures anyway, so I added these to my Amazon wish list. Thanks!


@Keith-S this light fixture’s USB ports are rated at 2 Amps (2000mA) so it would only be suitable for the Wyze Cam Pan, as the Wyze Cam requires only 1000mA.

The V2 cam will only use the power it needs , so , the lamp charger is suitable for either one of the wyze cameras


@HDRock it looks like there is consensus on the Internet that you are correct,
But my concern is that Wyze provides 2 different Power Adapters with outputs of 1000mA and 2000mA.

If both cameras can be operated using the same 2000mA adapter, why would they waste their money producing two instead of just one?

Is it substantially cheaper to make a 1000mA than a 2000mA adapter?

It would save confusion and worry that one day you might plug the Wyze Cam Pan into the Wyze Cam plug and can’t understand why it’s not working correctly.

Yes you have to be careful that you don’t use the wrong one for the pan cam because it needs more power to operate because of the pan, tilt function.
My guess is the power wart for the V 2 camera is cheaper so the company saves money by not giving you more expensive power wart, how much cheaper is the less powerful wall wart , I don’t know but in business every little bit makes a difference when you’re talking about thousands, even millions of units.
The pan cam also has a different power cord , if you look you will see a lightning Bolt on that