Upside down mounting

Depending on how deep the tripod mounting screw hole is, this heavy duty magnet attaches directly via that mount.

Then, screw or adhere a standard mounting plate to the desired surface.


Or, adhere one mounting plate to the camera base and one to the wall, and use a disk magnet in between them to hold the camera in place?

I can’t imagine the “pan” function working well, or at all if this cam is mounted horizontal to something like a refrigerator. It seems the shaft of the motor would be put under a lot of sideways pressure since it is attached to the base of the unit. My guess is upside down or right-side up mounting is the only way to go in order to prevent an eventual bent drive shaft.

I doubt there is much sideways pressure on the motor, mounting it horizontally. It’s not like this camera weighs a lot. I think some people are overthinking things a bit.

It’s a $30 camera. Try it and see, replace it if there’s an issue.


I would not expect the weight to be a problem, but you would need to re-think your concept of what is pan vs tilt. It would sort of be like rotating your PC monitor 90 degrees and trying to navigate with a mouse (I’ve done it, it’s a pain in the ass).

This is correct, it won’t be useful. The image will be sideways, and pan/tilt will be interchanged.


For those of us with multiple cameras would something like this work:


Desert rat: Absolutely.

Yes DesertRat those would work, but they are overkill.

All you need is a 1/4-20 screw like K6CCC posted (or if you’re not going through wood just an ordinary screw with 1/4-20 threads) or the magnet that dss.777 posted. Very easy installation.

hello, please see below support url for reference:

Can the Wyze Cam Pan be mounted upside down?

The Wyze Cam Pan can be mounted upside down without any operational issues. We recommend making sure it is mounted securely using the 1/4”-20 threaded screw hole in the camera’s base, so there is no risk of it falling. Once the camera is mounted upside down, there is a setting within the Wyze app where you can rotate the image. Click into the camera on the Devices tab and click the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner. Go to Advanced Settings and toggle Rotate Image 180.

The Wyze Cam Pan can be mounted sideways as well without any issues, but there is currently no rotation setting to make the image upright if it is mounted sideways.

You could use something like this.
Then use a piece of 1/4 20 threaded rod or cut a bolt short and thread it in.
Or use a screw all the through that way you can preset the direction before hammering in the fitting.

How do you flip the image (step-by-step please)?

so into settings, advanced settings and see the flip image toggle there.