[Updated][Beta] Shop Orders Will Not Be Processed in Beta 2.2 App Version 03/07 to 03/24

Placed a pre-order through the app for the Wyze Sense kit (3/27), order status is pending payment, but order went through (Paypal) and money was withdrawn from my bank account and processed through Paypal.

Not clear why status is pending payment…

Regarding “If you are iOS Beta, it’s possible to have both versions so you can still order via the official version” when I use Flight Test it un-installs the official release…i.e. can’t have both the official release and the beta version. Am I missing something? I wanted to have both as to help be a better beta tester as that would allow me to flip back and forth between apps on the same phone to see the differences.

So far as I am aware you cannot have both versions on any individual device. You can have the beta app on one device and the production app on another. I am a programer so I am testing all platforms I have code running on so unfortunately that means ALL my devices are running beta code anyway. I use my wife’s phone to run the production version but of course I have to sweet talk her into letting me use it :grinning:

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