UPDATED 1/22/20 - Firmware For All Wyze Cams and Wyze Bulb Released - 1/21/20

It is :rofl:

I just installed Pan cam it asked me to upgrade the firmware to I did so successfully but my Pan is not tracking motion. The green motion box is not present and it is not tracking me when I walk past the camera. Both features are enabled.

Sorry to hear that! I would recommend talking to our customer support people if unplugging your Wyze Cam Pan and plugging it in again doesn’t help.

Wyze Customer Support

After using Wyze for a few months now, I can confidently say their products are amazing. With that said, with all technology you will always encounter bugs, twitches, and so forth.

I upgraded my six cams also. My one cam decided to not track also, and would stop working intermittently. So after many curse words, and looking at network conditions, all looked healthy.

I decided to do a factory reset. Well that was days ago. The cameras are all happy now, they are operating perfectly!

I’ve always been a tech junkie, and from my whole home having smart locks, smart lights, switches, door cams, and so on… they all sometimes get grumpy.

Hope this helps! All I know is what Wyze has delivered to us is not only very inexpensive, but a truly kick A- - product! And no I’m not being paid to say this. Lol :joy:


I have a suggestion for the next firmware (please feel free to move it to the appropriate thread if this is not the best one). Is it possible to add one more option to power loss recovery for the bulb? Specifically, it would be great to have an option to turn the light off. If we lose power during the night, even if for just a fraction of time, the lights turn on and wake everybody up. I live in an old house and every once in a while the AC kicks in and the power will fluctuate just enough for my wyze bulbs to think there was a power loss and turn the lights on. Not a fun way to wake up :slight_smile:

Hello @davidbr55 and welcome to the community.

There is currently an option for the bulb to return to its previous state when the power comes back on. This would mean if the power goes out for a minute or two at night and the light was off when the power went out it will stay out when the power comes back on.

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That makes perfect sense. Very simple. Thanks!

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Hey SteveO, curious about the ‘Fuzzy’ comment. Is this something that came on gradually or did it just happen subsequent to the firmware update??