[Updated 02-13-20] Data leak 12-26-2019

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Thanks MOD, (Insert ignorant attack on MODS)

Joshua, it’s irrelevant how many times your email has been hacked. I am also glad to hear you’ve never been a victim of having your information used to sign up for PORN sites when you didn’t authorize it and then get subjected to adult content when you didn’t ask for it. You and I clearly have different expectations when it comes to keeping our personal data secure.

Dear MODs, please take a course in Public Relations and think about the impact your responses have on the customer’s perception of the Wyze company.

From Josh above: “If you are angry, why not sue Wyze, assuming you have enough proof. That way you can make money out of the ordeal.”

My intention is not to get gain from this horrible experience. My intention is to voice in the forum how I was affected by the leak so other Wyze customers could investigate on their own if they too were impacted like I was. I really hope the Wyze legal team provides you with more information on having empathy and respect for a customer instead of encouraging them to take further actions that would cost the company money and investors.

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You forgot the part where is said I fixed it for you, as that was an edit to your post. It was to be funny, because you did the same to another user.

But thought, I shouldn’t say that, because you may not take it as a joke, considering how angry you are. And I think I was right.


This is clearly not a joke to me, and being affected by the leak IS extremely upsetting. Just as upsetting to see PORN in my inbox.

I know you don’t know me. But I make jokes even at times it isn’t appropriate, because it is how I deal with things. And I am sorry that your are offended by that.

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Also, want to note, since I don’t think it is clear to you. I am not a part of the Wyze team. I am a customer like you.

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Then your replies should be flagged as Inappropriate since they don’t help to further the discussion.

Sometimes We Disagree And That’s Okay

Sometimes we will disagree on topics. You may even think that the other person is outright wrong! That’s just part of being human talking to other humans. But when you respond, remember to criticize ideas, not people . Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that focus on the ideas instead of the person. If someone has something negative to say about Wyze or our products, there’s likely a reason for that. Just tag in a mod or admin to make sure that the feedback goes where it needs to and we have an opportunity to consider and respond to what they’re saying.

We answered that with a no and were sued and lost. So we only answered it if the answer is yes. Guess it depends on judges lawyers and all of that on how it goes.

I’m retired now so I have no idea how they handle it now but that’s how they did handle it.


Hi rabbithole2020

You may already know this, but as a mitigation step to prevent seeing the embedded porn images, you can disable “display images” in the settings of most email clients.

I know this is still an inconvenience in that you might prefer to see embedded images from trusted sources. But as a constructive step for anyone who might be similarly affected, I post. :slight_smile:


I’d suggest that your replies are also not furthering the discussion. Continuing to mention that you don’t like to receive porn emails: we get it, you already said that, and you should improve your spam and junk email filtering.

Also unless you can connect your issue directly with Wyze, it’s not pertinent to this discussion. Everybody should know by now that email addresses have been exposed into the wild through numerous hacks, breaches, and other mechanisms over the past decade and more. Try checking your email address here: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ .It is disingenuous to pin that on Wyze without evidence. Given the large number of posters already in this thread, I would imagine we’d be hearing massively larger numbers of people reporting similar issues if this were directly due to the Wyze issue.


For references, we only confirm dates of employment…


Yep we got to that point for awhile too



I have an email that I use for one thing only and that is for my Xbox account. And all of a sudden I started getting porn emails all of the time. And I never once was alerted by Apple or Xbox that they had a leak or a breach or anything. So at least Wyze has alerted people that they’ve had an issue. So who knows really where are your issue came from

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“Also unless you can connect your issue directly with Wyze, it’s not pertinent to this discussion.”

Here’s the connection: My Wyze account was associated to a specific e-mail address. I was notified by Wyze that my email address was released into the unknown. At that same time period, the email address associated to my leaked Wyze email address was used to create a profile on a Porn site that was actively used by someone else. Unless Wyze can track exactly who and where my email went after they released it, I don’t have proof, so I don’t see why the burden is on me to provide it. I would love a detailed report from Wyze on who accessed their database and when. I would then be able to track those third party companies to see if they used or sold my data. It would take a lot of work to really uncover wether or not Wyze is responsible.

If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, let’s call it a duck.

Out of curiosity other than timing being right do you have any other evidence the person apparently using your email address got it via the Wyze breach?

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How do you know this?

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That is typical yes. But as I mentioned there are other questions you can legally answer. And lots you cannot. Your HR department will and I am sure has, issued guidelines. Yours probably vary from others. Ours our ours, yours are yours. Your mileage may vary.

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Thankfully under the US system of justice you typically need actual proof. But if you feel strongly then by all means do what you feel you need to do.


Easy, I checked the “To” field on the messages.

Hey Y’all, I am really on top of my data and where it goes. I don’t have social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook, and I use specific email addresses for specific uses. ie: All my connected home devices use the same email address that is different from my banking. I also use ID Theft software through my financial institution. I feel violated and I know that many of you are used to this type of violation and seem to be okay with it, but I’m not.

Let’s put the burden back on Wyze to prove they are not the ones responsible for what took place. They did state that the data was in fact accessed by a third party.

In most data breeches, it’s like a lottery of who will actually get affected. My point that makes this relevant, is to inform Wyze users that someone somewhere used my account in a very specific way and I want to notify others to be on the look out in case it happens to them.

The most common vector for harvested email address is not hacking or breaches its forwarded email.

If you send an email to me, then I forward it to Billy Bob, he in turn forwards it to his 200 closest friends and, well you get the point.

Anywhere in that group of people that received a forwarded email could be someone who harvests your email address along with everyone else that email was forwarded to, puts them in a big list and sells the list.

Happens all the time. Same thing with text forwarding etc.

And of course you are non the wiser because you are not even aware of Billy Bob or his habit of sharing email with 200 close friends.


That’s pretty amazing! Checking your “to” box told you that someone used that email address to create a profile, and is actively using that porn site. :thinking: