Update on time lapse down issue

We are pretty close to fixing the time lapse download fail issue. We are working on finalizing the test on the latest version. It will be unveiled to the Alpha and Beta testers soon. So sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patient.


Thank you!!
I’ve put several of my V2 cameras back on and a pan on so I could do time lapse.
I’ll be happy to be able to test the new Beta, I’ve a few cameras not doing anything,

I knew you guys would be on this, so I just reverted to .33 for the time being. thank you for the heads up!

The recent time lapse bug appears to affect the output file’s conversion from .h264 to .mp4 so luckily if you haven’t formatted the SD card you can retrieve the incomplete files in the /time_lapse folder and use a video editing or conversion program to manually convert them.


It was easier to revert to .33 than pull the cards and jump through hoops every time I wanted to download a time-lapse sequence.

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How do I revert to, or any previous firmware version, so I can avoid this bug and get time lapse working again?

Here are instructions on how to do it.

This is where you get all the non-beta firmware versions

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kdw took the easy way out and went Beta.

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