Unterminated video recording (power outage)- any way to save it?

We had a hit-and-run today, that took out the power to the two wyze cameras that cover the accident area (set to continuously record; both have 128GB cards that were formatted a few days ago so they have very little on them). Although I got the event alert from one, the other event alert had not finished uploading to the cloud, and will not play. The alert/event we /did/ get was exactly the wrong 10 seconds to get any identifying information.

Because the wyze does not have a battery, the moment power was cut, recording stopped. Both sd cards show the next 1-minute video file was created, but the file terminator was never appended so both sd cards show 0 as file size.

Is there any way (utilities, etc) to find the last (partially) recorded file area and append a file terminator so we can access the last bit of video and see if there is anything that would help us ID the driver?