Unreliable connection to camera



The Wyzecams are a great value, and I can see that you guys already got a long list of feature requests, etc…

But can you please see if you can address the issue of poor connectivity? Most of the time, I have some issues connecting to the camera, and it’s not my WiFi; I can connect to other non Wyze cameras on 2.4ghz just fine. It almost seems like the cpu is overloaded and can’t service the socket connection. If this is limited by hardware, maybe it’s time to crank up the clock speed? Or make a Pro version that cost a little more, but has more memory and cpu to enable features not possible with the current hardware.


I have 2 wyze v2 and 1 pan cam. They do not connect on my iphone using wifi. But if I turn off my iphone wifi, they easily connect using my cellular data.

I could easily connect with my non-Wyze cams using wifi on my iphone.


I have the exact opposite problem - I can connect and operate normally over any WiFi connection (at home or remotely), but when I try to do it over 4G/LTE it hardly ever connects, and if it does, it is very slow and I get booted after a few seconds.


Is there a way to get local shell access on the camera? Or at least get some sort of log to see what’s happening on the camera?


If I reboot my iphone, wifi access to wyze cams would grudgingly work. It would take 25 seconds or more before the live video shows up.

After a while, video feed using wifi starts to fail and then no more.

But with cellular data, the live video shows up in less than 7 seconds.

So what’s wrong? Is it the app?