Unlock Wyze Lock from Camera Page

Hey Wyze!

I had a new feature idea! I think that if users have a Wyze Lock and a Wyze Cam they should be able to unlock the door while on the camera page. This will be really useful for the upcoming Doorbell and Outdoor Cam. Let’s say your friend comes to your front door. You watch the camera feed and want to let them in. You should just be able to hit a button while viewing the camera instead of closing the camera page to go to the lock. Also same concept your cleaning lady comes. You should be able to just hit a button and have the door unlock while your viewing the camera feed.

I want to be able to link a Wyze Lock with the Video Doorbell so I can unlock the door from the doorbell live view.


Is being able to unlock the wyze door lock through the wyze doorbell incoming call. Would be nice if while talking to someone on the doorbell call to be able to push a button to unlock the door.
Would also be nice to have a shortcut to unlock the door on the main app screen.


After installing the doorbell this was the first thought that came to mind.

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This is an integration that I don’t think any other company has that I know of and could be a big selling point to buy both the lock and doorbell.

I would just be happy if there was an unlock shortcut available. Not sure why they don’t have that feature. Wouldn’t be but a few lines of code. If they would implement that then it wouldn’t be hard to have in the camera page.

Hello! If you are a Wyze Lock or Wyze Video Doorbell user, please fill out this survey! We are researching this Wishlist request. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Would be nice if this wasn’t locked to only wyze lock but I understand why It would be