Unlimited Bundle Pricing for CamPlus (time, number of cameras, etc)

Ah, okay. I misremembered that.

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Hello Wyze!

You really should make subscription plans for multiple cameras that has different levels.


Basic=30 days of cloud storage and continuous motion recording for 5 cameras for $9.99 per month.

Basic Plus=30 days of cloud storage and continuous motion recording for 10 cameras.

Motion recording plan where you get 20 cameras to record continuously until motion stops for $12.99 per month?

A plan where you can have extra A.I. Like Person Detection, Car detection, Package Detection, Animal Detection for. $2.99 per month per cam or $12.99 per month for 15 cams??

Please make more subscription plans for multiple cams and some new subscriptions for single cams!



Wyze please consider this

complete motion should be Free,…Complete

Yes, and I have written to Ferrari as I think they should be free as well. No luck so far. :smile::grin::grin::grin:

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I like the Ferrari comment very funny and if you hear back from Ferrari and they give you one free please pass on my name. I like the theory of this but I think it’s too complicated in my opinion

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Wyze should make money selling the hardware or the storage… but no for the use of it… it is like if you buy a car and you have to pay the factory if you make a trip out of the city… it does not make sense to me. Best regards.

Ah, I think you misunderstood me. Wyze does not own the storage so therefore they can’t sell it to you. They lease the storage from Amazon like many companies do. Then they allow you to use a certain amount for free, actually very generously. If you decide you want to use more than the amount of space they give you for free then they charge you.

This is actually very common in the industry but Wyze actually gives you quite a bit for “free” with the purchase of a camera.

Honestly, I don’t think that’s a very apt analogy. It’s more like needing to pay to gas up the car. The car company doesn’t give you free gas. Wyze DOES give you some free gas, but if you need to use more, it costs them too much to offer that for free. So if you want more, you can either install an SD card to “gas it up” on your own, or you can pay for this optional service.


CMC, will there be an ANNUAL PAYMENT option? I prefer Not to have Monthly automatic billing. "

As an option, offer an annual subscription ($1.49 x 12) instead of a monthly recurring payment of $1.49. Personally, I think that would make better sense and easier. I am interested, but an annual fee for this makes better sense for the customer.


$15 per year which would be half of Ring

Hey Wyze!

I think that you should create Smart Plans like Arlo does. One could have longer cloud storage. One could have A.I. For cars and packages or one for both. You could have a plan for lots of things. I think this is something a lot of people would not mind paying for.

The price would actually be $18/year. For that amount I bought a 256GB SanDisk micro-SD card. I own the card and it stores a lot of videos that I can easily transfer to a hard drive.

I don’t know why you’re trying to compare this to a Ring device. I can use my Stickup Cam both interior and exterior. For the $30/year, a $12 difference, the “protect plan” includes unlimited cloud storage, but also includes an extended warranty on the device plus 24/7 human tech support. You don’t get that here. You have to use a “bot” and post on a forum with hopes you get help with your issue.

Can’t really compare the two. Rings plan covers all the cameras on your plan and also adds other features like warranty.

Wyze’s plan covers 1 camera (you can add more).

But the biggest difference is the TCO number which is much higher for Ring. Also bear in mind both Ring and Wyze use AWS for cloud storage. But Amazon which also owns Ring owns AWS. One would not be hard pressed to figure who gets the better storage pricing.

For Complete Motion Capture, the subscription price of $1.49 monthly seems awkward for many. Can we have alternate payment schedules, with discounting for longer prepayment periods? My wife travels and collects points, so she changes my credit card every few months. Monthly subscription would entail having to update my CC# with Wyze frequently and that is very humbug. I’d buy annual, especially if it could entail a discount.

I have several Wyze cameras. Can I purchase one CMC “ticket” and transfer that ticket among the cameras anytime I want? I have not decided yet which camera to put on CMC and would like to be able to switch easily, especially if I move them around.

Yes, you can.

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Thanks nerdland.

Please allow option to pay for complete motion capture yearly in addition to monthly. I get tired to being notified about upcoming bill and having to budget for such a small amount every month. I’d rather pay once per year and forget it.

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