Unknown shipping status

So, I know we’ve all been waiting for our Wyze Vacuums, I had high hope a little over two weeks ago that it would be delivered since I had the shipping email from Wyze, then they paused shipping. Last weekend though, I got another email from wizen and a notification from Fedex that it would be delivered on Thursday (21st). It’s now Sunday (24th), and nothing has delivered, both Wyze and Fedex show now updates since last Sunday with “Departed FedEx location Bloomington, CA”, and there are no dates projected for delivery. When I call Fedex they assure me that it will be delivered, but cannot find any information on it.

Anyone else having this issue? I wonder if the pause button was pressed again. Or, Did they start a shipping tag for the original order, then after the pause start another shipping tag.

I am frustrated but, I’m trying to be patient too.


I got a notice on December 20, 2020 that mine had been shipped through FedEx. I ordered the vacuum on the first day, November 10, 2020. I hadn’t received it as of January 20,2021. I called customer support and they said it was lost and they would have to send me another one. I told them, just cancel the order and issue a refund. A few hours later, I received an email from the support person saying “Good News, it will arrive on January 22”. It did, but guess what, it won’t connect. So another call to support on January 22 and after an hour on the phone with them, they say I will probably have to send it back. What a nightmare.

Once FedEx has it Wyze doesn’t have as much control. The shipping status information is provided by FedEx. Did you receive a specific tracking number? You may be able to call FedEx with that and get assistance.

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as the mavens will tell you, I had a similar situation in the last few weeks where something was within 100 miles of me only to be shipped 10 hours away from me and then come back a week later…fed ex is drunk.

but as @Brlepage stated, it is out of the Wyze hands at that point. :frowning:

patience is your best option. of the two things I have had mess up in shipping, they were both finally delivered.

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I did get tracking and date from Fedex, but once the 21st (scheduled date) passed, there are no updates on a new date.

I did speak to them on Saturday and no real help was given, I will wait until tomorrow to call again, just in case it delivered today.