Unidentified flying objects?

I’ve been getting event notifications on my backyard cameras for the past few weeks at the same time every night. I review the events and there is no movement or anything that would appear to trigger an event. Tonight, I decided to switch all backyard v3 cams to Night Vision Mode On to see if these nightly events are being triggered by infrared. Sure enough, like clockwork, all v3 cams triggered and this time I not only caught it on cam, I saw them with my own eyes. UFOs? No… just Uncle Sam playing with new jet-powered mini-toys with no visible lights:

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded video to properly display in Chrome browser.


Not even gonna ask. I’ll just relish the natsec mystery… :slight_smile:

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For some reason, I cannot play the video…

This is a good one, nothing obvious at all, my first though was vehicle light reflection.

Uncle Sam does have some cool toys, and some really old crappy ones that need to be decommissioned as well.

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I’m pretty sure those are poltergeists… :ghost:

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Wyze does something odd creating mp4 vids manually from SD recording (and loses the sound!). I can only view using Firefox on Win10/11. Can’t view it using Chrome on any platform. I usually have to right-click, download and open with VLC when users post mp4s from the Wyze app.

There are no roads back there and I’ve had cams (non-Wyze) running for over 10 years. I thought my new neighbor was playing games with me, but the light is focused IR and coming straight down from the sky. There were 2 of whatever these things were flying in echelon formation less than 500’ altitude. They were moving at walking pace across my property and then climbed and took off. You can see the angle of the IR changes as they climb at the end of the video on the left side. I could clearly hear jet propulsion, but there was no wash. It looked like they took off on the flight path to Marine Corps Base Quantico.