Unbricking Wyze Contact Sensor - pcb reset pin

Quite the contrary what I expect is what they said they would deliver and they have failed at that and regarding anything from Wyze being rocksolid the only thing that I have seen from them that is rocksolid is their inability or desire to address the issues that we have

I sit here and I’ve got 13 cameras in the house and God knows how many sensors and you know what… I don’t have to even open the application and they change… they drop off line they fail to connect they disconnect, they won’t restart all randomly with no intervention from me that is what has broken my faith in Wyze and makes me question Spending any more of my time troubleshooting what they should be addressing at their support level

I might add that I have their scale and I have their headphones which work as advertised and I’ve had no problem with I just got the video doorbell and it fails to connect to my Internet so, I feel that my heated reply is very justified.

There is no doubt that Wyze needs to address the issue with their contact sensors. I have several that have completely failed like many of you. I have tried all of the techniques to reset to no avail.

We need a solution here. Whether that’s refunds or free replacement of next gen sensors.

I don’t think anyone wants this to turn into a class action lawsuit, but that will depend on Wyze’s actions and time is running out.


I hate to agree but I do. The V1 sensors are reportedly defective as a whole. They weren’t sold as disposable with a lifetime equal to that of their single battery.

It’s just shameful, no way to do business

Since they updated the GUI of the sensors on the app, I no longer get any notification that the battery is low, and if they are in a group, it won’t tell me anywhere that the battery is low.

I almost lost a couple of sensors. 2 sensors not in groups never sent me a notification like they used to.

Then another sensor in a group just stopped working, and in the group it never showed they were low, I took them out of groups and it showed me a couple of them were low (but wouldn’t show me that in the groups anymore like it used to).

Luckily the sensor that totally stopped working didn’t brick, I was able to replace the battery and it still worked.

The point is, that the recent changes have made things worse/riskier than they used to be. I almost lost a couple of sensors, so this topic is now even more critical than it used to be since the notifications aren’t working, and if they’re in groups you can never see that they are low battery anymore.

(I took screenshots of all of the above when it happened a couple of weeks ago…I intended to do a post about the bugs…just never got around to it)

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I just lost one sensor this weekend that was in a group, I was able to replace the battery on other 2 before they bricked, unfortunately was too late for one.
I will contact Wyze support and try to get a replacement.
I have 24 v1 sensors installed and I paid for each of one, but Wyze seems to not care to give the right app support to avoid bricking them, seems like they want us too loose these old version.

I got sick of replacing the batteries that come with the sensors, so I bought some AA battery sized 3.2V LiFePO4 batteries and some external battery holders and soldered their wires to the battery tabs.
600 mah per battery vs 130mah for the originals, these are rechargeable, and wont die when the temperature drops below -20. Now I just need to design and print a bigger case for the sensors to fit the AA sized battery.


That’s a great way to do it if you have space, Speadie. I did the same last summer with the contact senor on my mailbox which is the one Wyze contact sensor I still use. The only difference is I used standard AA Alkaline batteries. The external batteries difference in amp hours will last exponentially longer then the button cell. For me the added benefit on the mailbox is that mine used to go offline in the winter once the temperature got down to single digits or low teens. It would often come back online once it warmed up in some sun, but this winter with the AA batteries, it hasn’t dropped once in the cold.


This sounds really great! Please share photos and details especially after you get the 3D printing done.

If they know it’s broken and haven’t notified users, that would be horrible… Even if they are aware of it And trying to fix it, they should post it.

Yes. Honestly, I don’t know that they know this new development is an issue though (that it no longer gives notifications and won’t even show low battery in groups since the new gui change a couple of weeks ago). I just noticed it on my own after GUI changes took place and was planning to make a post informing them this… Before that I was getting notifications and could see low battery in groups when I pulled up the device individually… So this is a new breakage they might not realize…

But regardless, your point is very valid because they have known for a long time that dead batteries brick the sensors and there is a lot more that could’ve been about that as has been discussed in this thread a lot. So, on that I still agree with you.


I love this! I totally liked and saved it. I will probably do this for some of my sensors. I’m sick of wasting money on new pill batteries so often. This solution will work great for a few sensors (though not for the ones I use as smart light-switches).

Thanks for sharing.

carverofchoice, did Wyze get back to you on ticket 86567 ? this bug ( low battery notifications dont appear for grouped sensors in the wyze app) was reported , not weeks, but months ago.

if Wyze is finding the grouping in the UI complicating the display code, how about they just send us an email , “your sensor xyz has sent a battery low event,”

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