Unable to view events again and again and again

This began to happen on my tablet with new firmware release about 1 week ago. I deleted and reloaded app but still happens.

Are you still getting those? I’ve had zero since the last updates.
Strange :thinking:

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No problems at all since updating v2 firmware to production :+1:

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I just received a yet another new upgraded firmware this week that I thought would fix my problem of not being able to view events, but I still have the same bug. I also removed and reloaded the app and problem still exists. Worthless.

It’s the app not the firmware.
I haven’t updated the firmware but the app auto updates.

My android phone started doing same thing. I click on an event and instead the app closes or rather it minimizes and brings me to the home screen of my phone. My ipod can view these events just fine. Just started happening on my android phone.