Unable to fetch video from the cloud errors

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are bought up in a year or so. They look to be more interested in expanding user base than quality of software. The actual products are good quality.

I’m getting the same “Failed to Fetch Video from the Cloud (06)” errors but only on the one camera that is farthest away from Router. I submitted a “developer log through Wyze Support” but have not heard back. As others it seems to have started when I upgraded to Camera+. When I choose a closer location it stops the error. I know this sounds too simple to be the solution for all but throwing it out there.

Getting tons of the 07 errors on my doorbell too. Didn’t realize how much I miss having an SD card in my V2 cam until I can’t access any videos. Cam+ was supposed to replace the need for an SD card.

Right now I’m treating my Wyze setup as a toy, which is all I really paid for it (toy money). Doorbell alerts take minutes to come through, worthless other than passive security monitoring.

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