Unable To Connect To Wyze Cam While Away From Home On Cell Or WiFi

This issue started about 2-3 months ago. I have 6 cameras installed in a summer home in northern MN. When at the home on my local WiFi I am able to connect to each of my cameras and it works great, cameras come right up. When away from home and on cell or another WiFi I am unable to connect to any of my cameras with my iPhone or iPad. The camera goes through it’s 3 step connecting process: Connecting Camera(1 of 3), Authenticating(2 of 3), Getting Video Data(3 of 3) but does not come up, then it will retry up to 10 times before I get a “connection failed” error. I’ve power cycled the cameras, forced the App closed and cleared the Cache but no change, still unable to connect. I am able to see event video fine while on cell or a different WiFi network. This occurs about 90-95% of the time, the other 5-10% the camera’s do come up but the majority of the time they don’t. What’s odd is that this happens on both my iPhone & iPad but my wife is able to bring the cameras up on her iPhone just fine with no issues. This tells me it’s a iPhone setting or something set up differently with her iPhone or Wyze App but I’m not able to identify anything different. Please help, I will have to replace these cameras if I’m unable to find a solution to this issue real soon. I did IM Chat with Wyze Support and they said it’s a known issue and the engineers are working on it but gave me no details. I recently emailed Support again last week and have had no response. Has anyone else had this issue? Any solution?

I am having the same problems with my iPhone and iPad. My Android tablet developed problems with the latest update. However, when I reverted the Anroid to the previous app version, the problems disappeared. I believe the current problems with the iPhone app appeared when the latest app update was downloaded. I am disappointed with Wyze for taking so long to fix this problem which severely hampers the function of the cameras with iPhones and iPads. As a minimum, they could revert to the previous version of the app.

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I’m having the same problem. It’s getting out of hand. The cameras do me NO good if I can’t monitor them. 12 seconds of recording is stupid anyway, but if I could monitor the live stream when I need to I could live with it. POS if you ask me, wish I’d never bought them. Next time I will get a real security camera system.

I worked with Wyze Support and sent them a scan of the network. They came back and based on the data they received it appears to be my internet connection. I have 6 cameras on a 3Meg Internet connection and said I have too many devices to view the live stream. I’ve had 6 cameras on the network before with no issues, not sure what’s changed. I plan to shut half of them off to determine if I can reach them then. Doesn’t make sense my wife has no issues with her iPhone seeing the live stream when having 6 cameras connected.