Unable to add Band to my Wyze App

I have Wyze bulbs, outlets and the new scale. All work just great, and I can add them to the app without a problem. I even recently added the Wyze skill to my Alexa account, and that is working.

I received my Band yesterday and no matter what I do, it will not add to the app. It is fully charged. I have turned Bluetooth on and off countless times. I have rebooted the Band and my OnePlus 6, Android (Oxygen OS 10.3.2) phone at least 20 times. No matter what, it is always the same result: no Bands listed in the app for me to pair. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP!


You don’t say how far into the setup you got. . You are not really into setup mode until you see the four digit code on both the watch and your phone. From there you just follow screen instruction until you’re done or you can’t move to the next logical step.

ZERO! I got zero steps into the setup because the app does not, cannot, will not see the Band. So, therefore I never get the opportunity to select it. All I get is the spinning “radar” screen until the app gives up and stops looking for the Band.

Yes, on the Band I do see the 4 digit code. My understanding is that the code is supposed to come up in a list within the app, not unlike searching for a wifi network to join. However, the Band never shows up. It is a perpetual cycle of searching, not finding, restarting Bluetooth, rebooting devices, searching for updates, rescanning, and right back to NOTHING.

I set mine up yesterday afternoon and I’m totally underwhelmed. It pretty much does everything they said, but very badly. I didn’t get it for the fitness tracking but from what I’ve seen and read accuracy is a big issue. It does keep track of time but the weather is a head scratcher. It displays my town name but the temp is never ever close. ±5 isn’t very useful. I stumbled a bit getting Alexa set up but just because it was a new experience. Once set up I tried a few basic tasks in the dead quiet of my workshop. I turned a light on and off and even got my Wyze lock to lock and unlock with a voice command. It seemed okay until I went in the house with its ambient noise and everything changed. Nothing worked right. Beside "i don’t know"I got ignored and I got the answer to a previous question repeated. And there are some things it says it can’t do. From previous comments I had low expectations but it’s actually worse.
Ill probably just toss it in a drawer and see if there is anything they can do with firmwware updates. Its pretty useless as is.

That is a Bluetooth issue. Make sure everything about your phone is okay for pairing. Then contact Wyze and good luck with that.

Just to be sure, you went into the Wyze app first and selected the 3 dots on the top right of the screen, then from the resulting menu you picked add product and selected the band ( you may have to scroll down to see it )?

I don’t remember but plugging into the charger starts the process to get the 4 digit code on the watch. You got that okay. From there open the app to add a new product and tap on the picture of the band. If you can’t see that you don’t have the right firmware, but you did see it because you’ve already done the scale. What I saw next was the same 4 digit code that was on the watch. Just the one set I needed. Tap on that to get started. Without you seeing the matching set of numbers I’d guess the Bluetooth radio in the watch isn’t transmitting or receiving and there’s nothing to do but replace it if you’re sure your phone will pair to another Bluetooth device.

We went into phone Bluetooth, pair the band to the phone. Opened the Wyze app + device, band & it connected immediately.

If you follow their instructions you don’t need to go into phone settings. It can all be done from their app.

Of course. And, after selecting the Wyze Band, the app launches its “search” for available devices. It never finds any. Over and over and over, it never finds any Bands.

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Yes, I believe you have come up with the only logical conclusion/solution. The phone’s Bluetooth works great. It’s never a problem. And, I have connected 4 other devices to the Wyze app. I think my band must be a dud.

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Thanks, Randy. I tried your suggestion. What I get is a “Wyze” product in the list. I tried to pair with it and got the message that pairing was rejected by the device. I am not sure if that item was the Band or one of the other Wyze products in my house.

Oh, no. That sounds pretty awful. I am alone most of the time, and I really just want it to notify me of messages and calls coming into my phone. My office is downstairs but main rooms are upstairs, and I don’t carry the phone around all day. So, if it does anything to let me know there is an incoming call, and provides even minimal health tracking data, that would be a huge improvement.

I had the exact same problem. I tried everything opened a tech ticket yesterday. The only response so far is that they are busy.

Thanks, Wanda. It’s nice to know I am not alone in the universe. Please keep me posted if/when you get a response.

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And when that fails as the OP stated & in our own case where the app just spins and never connects to the band there are some other things that you can try.

We didn’t get a Wyze anything. It was sea-ban or something like that. I just knew that it had to be the band because it was the only thing around it could have been.

Andy, I’m in the same boat. I tried everything! WYZE “pairing was rejected by the device”. I have multiple Bluetooth devices, it keeps searching on the radar, and tells me to try reconnect Bluetooth again. I can see it’s just not me. good luck. Guess I’m opening a ticket too.

I tried your suggestion and I accepted the connection to the Wyze product that my Bluetooth was able to see. But, that resulted in nothing. I “forgot” the connection because I figured something out. The code that comes up on the Band when you first attempt to connect it are the last four characters of the Band’s MAC address. The address my Bluetooth picked up was not the same.

As someone else suggested, I suppose the Bluetooth in the Band is not working at all.

Vince, after following Randy’s suggesting of attempting to pair the device through my phone’s Bluetooth settings, I figured something out. The 4-character code on the Band is the last four digits of the Band’s MAC address. If/when your phone’s Bluetooth makes a connection, you can verify that you are paired to the Band by comparing the last four characters in your phone to those on the Band.