Two prong smart plug

I live in an older home that only has two-pronged outlets. On your next iteration, please add a two-prong plug. Thanks!

Given the rarity of 2-prong outlets these days, and given that this would require a whole separate manufacturing cycle, I think it’s highly unlikely that Wyze will make this.

You could, however, use something like this:


A simple solution!


Based on the requirements for electrical code I’d bet a 15 amp 2 prong plug WITHOUT proper grounding would not pass safety tests in most places.


Thx. I wanted to avoid converting from a two prong to a three prong with a device and then placing the wyze unit on top of that. I sounds like an environment ripe for a fire. Thank you for the suggestion.

The risk is not so much fire as risk of electric shock from lack of grounding. The adapters linked above are only safe if the metal tab is screwed into the center screw and that center screw is connected to ground. But, with 2-wire outlets, there’s a good chance that there is no ground wire available at all, in which case the center screw connection is not accomplishing anything.

@gemniii has a good point: a 2-prong device would probably not be able to pass ETL certification; another reason Wyze could not implement this.


You could simply cut off the ground plug of the Wyze plug…not safe and not advised, but you wouldn’t be at any more risk than not having a grounded outlet to begin with.

You’d get the exact same benefit of the 2-to-3 prong adapter if you simply replace a few sockets with 3-prong sockets. You can buy these at home improvement stores for less than a dollar each.

Rewiring to modern code standards would be safer but more expensive as well.

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In some areas/situations rewiring requires permits, inspections, and licensed electricians. A lot more expensive.

That is definitely the case in my area. Thank you for all of the suggestions, but I will just forego using the plugs. Gracias!

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Sorry, I agree with the others, it will not be a cost effective product to produce a two-prong wireless plug switch.

I live in a home that has no ground electrical outlets, the light switches have no neutral wire and the reality is, its an expensive, labor and time endeavor to upgrade this generation construction to be a smart home, for various reasons, but not impossible.

US Electrical Code also increases the complexity for house at resell and raises safety concerns once you touch the electrical distribution. So, I re-framed my approach and shift where the wireless controls are:

  • Wireless desk, floor and ceiling fans that came with remotes and/or mobile apps
  • Lutron wall light switches that doesn’t need a neutral wire
  • Wyze Lamps(bulbs) can be installed in lighting fixtures with an A-19 socket
  • Christmas lights with timers and remote
  • For phantom load appliances use this device from the 1960’s that still works to save power.
    2 Prong AC Power Wall Plug On/Off Switch

Its not the best solution but I did choose to live in a house built by people who did not have a digital calculator and may have used a slide rule – so it is part of the charm.

You can use something like this but the result is the same as cutting the ground off of the Wyze smart plug. Actually, Wyze producing a smart plug without ground is the same as you cutting the ground off of an existing plug.

Tanks Loki for your solution

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