Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

I vote for Lastpass Authenticator. Like the Google Authenticator it works with everything I’ve thrown at it with the added benefit that it pops up an Approve/Deny button for some calibrated accounts. I prefer the Authenticator to SMS because it backs up data to the cloud and I can easily use it when I go abroad, something which tends to be iffy with SMS (especially if I forget and swap the SIM). I’ve had situations before where I really messed myself up because I swapped my SIM and then was no longer able to authenticate certain accounts. Luckily I have T-Mobile now and that has not been an issue for the last several years, still I think a choice or perhaps using SMS as a backup to something else would be best practice.

I also would like to throw a vote in for some sort of ‘local’ on-device authentication. I know that the general consensus is that apps are already behind fingerprint or face ID, but the idea is that sometimes we’ll hand our phone over to someone, either to talk or to browse photos, videos or something. I personally do not hover over the person I loan my phone to, that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the apps they get into. I don’t want anyone but me or my wife viewing our indoor camera footage so it’d be nice if the Wyze app had local authentication.

Doesn’t it work out that if you support Google Authenticator you support most app-based 2FA? I use Dashlane for my 2FA app since it can be carried from phone to phone and shared. It had historically worked for every app-based 2FA I’ve come across.

More robust security, good for everyone!!!

2FA doesn’t work in Turkey

It was mentioned above, but I’ll repeat it here… there’s a #wishlist topic to add authenticator app(s) as an alternative to SMS for 2FA:

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Please please please…
add Facial Recognition to log into the account as an extra security measure. Sometimes we protect our family from what’s in the house as well.

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