Turning Sound down on Home Security Hub

Is there a way to turn the sound off so the unit doesn’t ding for 60 seconds while it counts down to arm? Doesn’t bother me but it woke my son up which I didn’t even consider.
Thank you


You can adjust the volume in settings

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the beeps are so loud even at the lowest setting.

Well, as of right now there’s no way to turn it off , fold up a washcloth or something and put it on top of the speaker

my dog does not like that sound, will bark and that will wake up rest of family members.
this is a blocker unless I move the hub to garage…

I don’t blame the dog I don’t like it either.
I have mine in the den with the door closed set on low I can barely hear it

Agree, this setting is a fairly important issue. Can’t arm this at night with anything less than a zero exit delay or else it wakes up my kid.

And in the morning when I leave and need to use the exit delay, again it causes the same issue.

Have never had any hub volume issues with our previous provider. May stick with the other provider actually, based on how poorly this first week has gone with this Wyze system.

Reduce volume or ideas to make it inaudible kind of defeat the purpose of have an alarm system.
We want the sound to be very loud when system is triggered.

This is an unusable issue to me and maybe to many.

It’s not about the sound when the alarm is triggered. Obviously we want that sound as loud as possible. The issue for my family is even on the lowest volume setting when the alarm is set the counting down beeping is pretty loud.