Turning notifications on/off with actions


In the last public release you could set up tasks to turn notifications on or off separate from turning motion detection on or off. I don’t see that functionality anymore. I know you can schedule notifications in the event recording tab but that’s not the same as controlling it in the action tab


What beta version? Which OS? I do see it (per camera) in 2.0.14, the latest beta on iOS. Have you tried different cameras? Have you tried restarting the app/phone?


Android, two different v2’s running ver 2.0.14 and latest firmware(I haven’t seen it for many firmware iterations though) I’ve reinstalled the app twice


How about trying Account > App Settings > Cache > clear


Still don’t see it


Can you try in the production app and see if you can see it there?


Yep, it’s there in the production app


So I have 4 wyze cams. 3 V2 and 1 Pan. The 3 V2’s are set to all day notification. Yet I have the pan to 8pm to 6am. Yet when I leave my house I would like to turn the pan notifacrion on all day. So when I return home I can turn the notification back to the time setting stated. Is the a shortcut I can make for this?

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