Turn on/off Wyze cameras via Skylink home security

Hello all,
This is a long shot but does anyone own a Skylink home security system?

I am looking for a way to automatically turn on/off my Wyze cameras whenever I arm/disarm my Skylink home security. Since both systems support IFTTT, I thought I could make a rule with the IFTTT app to turn on/off the cameras. So far, no luck. I keep seeing a 500 error.

Has anyone successfully communicated with IFTTT and the Wyze hardware? I’m using all V2 cameras.


You may be able too through a third party life IFTTT?

I use my WYZE products through a few different IFTTT routines. How are you setting it up?

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Does IFTTT support Skylink?

From what I can tell yes

@Jason21271 is one of our more active IFTTT gurus! You are in good hands! :grinning: