Turn off Wyze cam V2 sound in Alexa?


I have a new Alexa Show and finally got the V2 cameras working with it (had to disable end re-enable the skill) and now I’d like to be able to turn off the sound from the feeds. I have one camera set up close enough to where I am that it picks up the sound from everything I do and is quite distracting. I have the sound turned off in the app (iOS) but it’s still coming through the Show. Any help here?


I have the same issue
Sound is turned off in the wyse app for the camera


I’m not an Alexa user, but I’m curious if you have “Record Sound” disabled in the cameras’ advanced settings.


It’s off - problem persists. And now I’m having to disable the Skill every few days and re-enable to get the cams to show on Alexa.