Turn Off Vehicle, Person, and Pet Notifications Separately

I recently installed a PanCam in my garage and I had to turn off the very useful AI function because it sent me 1 notification every minute that a Vehicle was detected. Yes, I do have a Vehicle in my garage haha. It would be a great help to be able to turn on and off Vehicle, Person, and I read soon to be Pet Notifications “separately”. This way we can take advantage of certain features that pertain to the environment we put our cameras in. I still want to have Person detection in my garage in case of an intruder but not Vehicle detection when my parked car is there every minute. I’m sure once the Pet detection is rolled out, those of us with Pets will want to adjust that feature separately also. Just a suggestion, you may already be working on. :wink: Thank you!

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@pjjr87 Welcome!

This feature is already available in the Wyze app. Go to account > Services > Cam Plus > Select Camera. Select on or off the AI preferences. (Person Detection, Face Recognition, Pet Detection, Vehicle Detection, Package Detection)


Thank you so much StopICU33! I asked Wyze support and was told this wasn’t possible yet. I just followed your directions and Voila! I’m back in business. Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Does selecting the AI detection categories limit the filters in the Events, or also which type of events you get notifications for? I would like to retain the ability to sort events by, say, vehicle detection while only receiving notifications for person detection. Is that possible?


I would also find this very useful.

Has anyone else had problems turning on face recognition? One of my cameras has it turned on but when I try to set the other cameras up, it just turns itself off after I agree to the rules. Basically I turn face on and the switch turns itself off after I agree to their restrictions.