Turn off Sense bridge status LED light

I’ve tried everything to turn the blue extender light off, including the toggle described. But every time I try I get an “update requirement” message, I try to update and it says I am updated. I fixed the problem with black electrical tape. Wyze support was no help at all, btw

Don’t know if this applies to you… I was running RTSP firmware which wouldn’t change the setting for the Bridge light. I reverted to stock firmware, turned it off and reinstalled RTSP.

thanks, but I have no idea what that means!!!

Can you go into the ‘Device Info’ for the camera that contains the bridge. You can do this by opening the live view of the camera containing the bridge, tapping the gear in the upper right, then tapping ‘Device Info’. At the bottom it will list the Bridge firmware version,

Are you on version

Yes I am.

The bridge firmware is up to date then

FW you could not turn off the light
FW You can turn off the light

I would try going into the live view of the cam that is associated with the bridge
Wait for the cam to fully connect so you see the live view
Gear in upper right
Go into extended devices
Go into WYZE sensor bridge
Toggle light off
Use back arrow until you are back to live view

See if light went off, if it didn’t or you get an error or message I would remove the bridge from the cam, reboot the cam from the app, plug the bridge back in and do it again.

If that does not work I would then contact support

Thanks Jason. That’s what I’ve done numerous times. I get a message saying the software needs updating yet when I hit software update it says I’m updated. I’ve written to wyze and done essentially what you’ve suggested including removing the bridge and restarting the device. No go. But the electrical tape solved the issue. Frustrating tho.

You wouldn’t happen to be running any beta versions or anything by chance?

No I’m not doing anything special. Ive had the camera a few years. Decided to get the bridge package for the door, since then the light is on and stays on. I was able to kill the light before I bought the Bridge.

Just curious…there are two lights on the camera after you add the bridge. One is the bridge status light and one is the camera status light. Have you tried to turn off both?

The camera light you can turn off in the Advanced Settings page for the camera. The bridge status light you turn off under Extended Devices/Wyze Sensor Bridge.

Yes the camera status light is off. Never had any problem until I added the bridge. The app won’t let me turn off the bridge light -all I get is a “this feature is not supported by the current firmware. Please upgrade to latest version” message, yet when I do that it tells me the firmware is up to date. :thinking:

If you go to the device info page on the camera with the bridge you should see the following two firmware versions. Do you?

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A v1 cam vs a v2 cam thing maybe?

Edit, looks like your v1 is behind on a firmware upgrade? Maybe that’s the update wordage you are seeing?

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i have no idea what the issue is, I get a message telling me to update yet when I try to update it says I’m all good. I appreciate everyone’s time trying to sort this out-I’ve “fixed” the problem with duct tape - but would be happy to remove it if somebody could figure it out.

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Do you get the message when you attempt to upgrade the v1 camera AND the bridge? You haven’t specifically said that you have tried the camera and the bridge.

I realize you said you’ve fixed it by using tape but I would appreciate it if you could continue to try and resolve the situation for people in the future that have this issue and find this thread looking for answers. Thanks!