Turn Floodlight Off killing

Floodlight settings → floodlight control has 3 modes

  • Auto - This option lets floodlight on for a defined interval when there is a motion
  • On - Floodlight remains on all the time
  • Off - Floodlight remains off all the time

I select Auto always and created a rule to floodlight off for a start time: XX:00 to end time: YY:00

Once time reaches to YY:00 floodlight remains on all the time even though flood light control option selected as Auto.

What’s the end goal, what do you want it to do.

Same issue here set floodlight off from 5 am to 9 pm after 9 the flood light stays on no matter what. shouldnt it revert back to auto? If i go into flood setting and back out the floodlight goes out a like normal there is no rule to put it into auto setting

I want floodlight AUTO functionality when there is a motion detected in defined time, so that neighbors passing through walkways and road will not be disturbed.

So do you just want the light to stay on between certain hours, or do you want it to turn on when it detects motion, but only between certain hours?

I don’t want light to be turn on always for certain times. Have ever understand what Flood light control → Auto will do.

I need this functionality between certain hours and recording should happen all the time when ever there is a motion.

“Auto” will turn the light on whenever motion is detected, and back off after a few minutes.

I don’t think what you want is currently possible, but @R.Good seems to be a rules genius so he could maybe help you.

I actually just worked with another community member on this and tested it myself.

You can set the flood light to be on for x time to y time using a schedule rule. See below example

This will not change the flood light control, so if you want the light to turn on with motion of the camera or PIR, leave it on auto

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In you case I believe you can create a scheduled rule to turn the flood light off between X and Y time, leaving the Flood Control to Auto.

Once the rule expires the Auto setting should take over

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