Trying to figure out what cam login and password is for the cams.



I’m trying to use MYIPCam and im getting stuck. It requires a camera login and password. I have tried using my user/pw from this site and that doesn’t work. Is there a default camera login/pw for the cameras?


I believe that WyzeCam is designed to be used by their Android & iOS apps


I know that, but another guy on a previous post said that he got them working on MYIPCAM.


Then it’s probably better to reply to his post.


Thanks for your opinion. Since he did not start the post and had only commented that he got it working and hasn’t responded to any questions in that post, I thought I would try it this way. Is that ok with you?


I’m simply telling you that he’s the best source of information, since this is not a supported use of the camera.

A comment can be a post. I did not say the submitted topic, you can reply to his comment as well.

There’s a much higher chance that he’s subscribed to that topic and will receive an email notification compared to stumbling across this one.