Troubles with new Vacuum mapping

It seems to me that once it picks a direction to clean for a room, it does the whole room that direction…even if another pattern might be better.

Another thing that I noticed with the latest firmware (1.6.97) is that after cleaning my great room it went around my love seat for over 5 minutes over and over again as it trying to find a way under it to clean. Strange and wasteful of time and battery.

You’re lucky; at least it keeps going. When mine starts doing that it eventually creates its famous ‘phantom map,’ and then erases everything and I have to start remapping.

Got mine today and it was mapping great finished 3 rooms, then just stopped in middle of carpet and turned off. i hit recharge on app and my map was gone, it did make it back to charger though and charged fine I will try again.

I was finally able to generate a map that was persistent. It took many, many tries (see above), but once it generated a good map it has worked almost flawlessly every day. I say almost because every so often it will start vacuuming erratically. But if I send it back to the charger and start over, it will get its brains straightened out and start over, finishing correctly.

Hopefully a firmware update will correct some of this in the future. I, too, experience the same problems with the map woes and definitely with it being unable to dock itself (mine hasn’t docked itself on it’s own since owning the device).

Curious, what type of floor are you running it on? I’ve read on the forum of others having success with putting the dock on a hard surface to fix the docking issues. Maybe fix one problem while mapping is being worked behind the scenes!

I could never get the vac to doc itself on carpet. As soon as I put it on a hard surface (wooden) I had no moe troubles.