Troubles with new Vacuum mapping

The ability to customize room divisions will happen. It will come in an update. I wish I had more information to give you on when that update would be but all I can tell you is I know that it was mentioned that during testing they were working on a way to customize divisions within rooms.

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Received our vacuum yesterday and tried running it for the first time this morning. Mapping was going great until it randomly stopped in the middle of a light-colored area rug. When I hit the power button, the map was entirely erased, and the vacuum could not locate the dock to recharge.

The unit is currently charging, and I will try again later this morning. Hopefully this was an isolated circumstance…

Well, good luck. After at least ten tries, I still don’t have a useable map.

The vac seems to be rather finicky when creating a map: apparently, everything needs to go smoothly or it gets its brains scrambled and will either horribly corrupt the map it has already created, or simply erase the map. In either case, I believe you need to manually place the unit back into contact with the charger and start over. In any case, don’t push the power button before mapping is finished; apparently, any time you push the power button before a map has been completely created, the unit will erase whatever portion of the map it had already created and start over.

I have had it corrupt its map (usually by automatically generating a random map and adding it to the current map, or by taking a portion of the current map and rotating it 45 degrees and adding it to the current map–after which the unit can no longer find the existing walls and just goes blindly around, insistently bumping into things over and over as it tries to get to that phantom part of the map that it created) by getting tangled on something, or by lifting it, or by dragging it out from under a piece of furniture it has gotten trapped beneath, or by forcibly moving it away from some impediment it can’t negotiate.

So, for best results (I think), make sure the unit is fully charged (so it can map the entire area in one go (if possible), go around the house and move anything that might impede the unit’s progress, block any access to spaces it might get trapped in (like under couches), cross your fingers, and hope the Vac Gods smile upon you.


Thank you for the incredibly thoughtful (and thorough) response! I learned about hitting the on-board power button the hard way…

I am about to run the mapping portion again. Here goes nothing fingers crossed

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Let us know how it went. :slightly_smiling_face:

Finished mapping the second time. Thank you for your suggestions! Its “intelligent” path is much more satisfying than our Roomba 770, which stumbles around like a drunken sailor and bumps into everything.

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Huh, it would be nice if the vacuum were produced by a company accustomed to storing images on “cloud” servers so that resetting user hardware and local data weren’t catastrophic… :wink:

After 2 tries, finally got a complete map, and yesterday ran a successful scheduled clean of “Room 2”. Today I might have accidentally bumped the vacuum with a chair leg, because it left the dock, circled around, and then returned, and the map screen momentarily flashed something weird. Now the completed map is still showing on my app, but when the vacuum is sent to clean Room 2, it moves around randomly like it is trying to create a whole new map again. Anyone else have this issue?

No, but then again, I haven’t been able to create a complete, useable map yet; so at least you’re ahead of me…

Yes, It would be great if someone from Wyze would create a set of hints or provide information about how to best make initial mapping, confirm that multiple floors are coming, confirm that spot cleaning in coming and acknowledge other bugs or suggestions that users have made. Such response would make the forum much more helpful.

I’m glad someone agrees with me. I have seen on other boards that many users haven’t had my problems, but a number have had problems, too. I wish the company would monitor these boards and not just look for praise, but ways to solve users’ problems.

After two more failed attempts to generate a useable map yesterday (that makes more than ten tries), I finally conceded defeat and decided to try and map only one space: the kitchen. I will see if that, at least will work. If not, I’ll be sending the unit back since it is useless as it.

So I figured out that if I just put the vacuum down in a room that I have blocked off and turn it on, it will clean it fairly well, and sometimes show correctly on its map where it is and where it has cleaned. Sometimes it thinks it’s elsewhere, but it’s still vacuuming. Today I updated the firmware, hoping that would get it to re-remember the 3 rooms it had designated when I first successfully mapped the house. No luck, and now it is worse: when I try to schedule a cleaning, the app still has the house mapped with the 3 rooms, but the vacuum has no idea where those rooms are. And it shows no map at all when it cleans. Does this mean that updating the firmware will always erase the map??

I don’t know about the firmware update. My vac has the latest updates, software and firmware.

I did finally give up on mapping the entire floor plan and forced the vac to map only the kitchen—by putting artificial walls everywhere else. It did finally map the kitchen area and save the map; then this morning it did vacuum that area correctly.

Does anyone know what the ‘’Clean Records’ page can be used for?

In my experience, firmware updates do not erase the map.

If you tap on a “clean record” you can see what was cleaned and the pattern used to clean the area.

What’s the point of that?

No great value. It does allow me to see how the cleaning pattern changes as the firmware evolves.

That would be an interesting development to see because as of now, the vac doesn’t seem to be able to optimize its pattern for the most efficient cleaning. For instance, in my hallway it travels back-and-forth across the hall instead of along the length of it. Probably takes three times longer that way.

Since the most recent vacuum firmware update, the cleaning paths our unit makes are definitely less efficient. Perhaps there is something I’m missing…