Trouble setting up


Hi Wyzers
Just purchase my first cam
Having trouble connecting to my 2.4 network. I do all the trouble shooting and it can’t read the network name. Any wyzers got some tips?



Could you please explain further what you mean by “can’t read the network name”? It would help if you would spell out distinctly each step of the process and exactly where it fails and what happens at that point.


Thank you fkr the fast reply
I would plug in the camera. Hold the button. Device you’ll say ready to connect. Then the device would scan and say qr code scanned please wait. Then The clock would show and it would say. Cannot connect. Cannot read network name. So I tried what it said online about resetting the device and forgetting the network name on my 2.4 internet option. Do it again and it just repeats. So, at this point it’s been 24 hours of failed attempts.



Make sure, before starting, that your phone is connected to the 2.4GHz SSID (wifi network) that you want the camera connected to.

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Hi, happy new year
I did that
Keeps saying “cannot find the specified network name”


See this:

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It works! Woohooo! Thank you for your help!

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