Tripod and Wyze ca

Hello All, I must say first that I just love Wyze and the entire concept. I live in Northern Cal and the birdwatchers paradise. I found that my portable telescope tripod is the same thread size as the Wyze Cam weather-resistant case on Amazon. I have been having a ball using it at the feeders. Great fun and use the Audubon app to ID. In home school time? I have a family of Acorn Woodpeckers in my tree. I am going to get someone to install a 360 PTZ and watch out. I can’t figure out how to include a photo or I would. Thanks again to the Wyze staff and Forums


Welcome @pokdaddy3 to the community. Sounds like a great application, looking forward to some pictures. Check out “Captured on Wyze” for posting.
I believe the camera mount screw is 1/4" by 20 tpi.

My family and I went hiking last week. My daughter wanted to take our cat hiking up to the waterfall for some pictures and we took the outdoor cam on flexible tripod. We were able to attach it to a backpack like a go pro and did time-lapse and continuous recording simultaneously. Sometimes my daughter just held it or wrapped the tripod around her wrist or shoulder, or head (with a headband). It was cool to set it up by the waterfall and just record everything (we were the only ones there), Record our kitty hiking the trail with us, etc. We just uploaded the trip into Google photos which stores the entire footage for free with unlimited storage for it. Allows us to pull snippets of footage at any time from the trip, etc. It was really cool and my daughter enjoyed having a camera that she could record anything she wanted and we can go pull out the snippets for her later.

I don’t like the WCO as a security cam, or watching my property or anything…it kind of sucks for all that, but it’s awesome for travel mode, time-lapses, portability, long battery life for recording for hours straight on a hike or activity, connecting to a flexy-tripod, durability (not worried if my daughter drops it), etc. I like it for all those things, just not as a replacement for something I could use a V2 for.

I might even buy my daughter her own WCO now.


Thanks for that very informative post. I hadn’t heard anyone go into travel mode in that much detail and I haven’t tested it much myself. Gives me motivation to try something new/1

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Thanks. Maybe I’ll get around to making a post with a short sample video of how we used WCO on our hiking trip

Maybe I’ll consider also making some instructions for how to use it with google photos for unlimited storage of all your outdoor cam timelapses and continuous motion of trips and such like that, or even just easily saving normal 12 second cloud clips to permanent storage on Google photos (instead of just 14 days). Google makes it so easy to cut out tiny videos from long recordings too to make them as separate clips. It’s really cool. I also usually leave the Wyze logo on the video because then it’s easy for me to just search “Wyze” and have it pull up all my uploaded/stored Wyze videos like it is its own tag. With the unlimited cloud storage of any videos I want to keep, smaller SD cards, or Wyze’s 14 day cloud limit don’t matter anymore because I can still store everything permanently for free in full 1080P quality.

I wonder how hard it would be to create a trigger/macro (even using third party solutions) to have cloud or other recordings automatically shared somewhere…I’d create a routine to auto-upload things to Google Photos.

Good idea on the help for Google Photos. Any help and tips are welcome and a lot of folks, even us IOS people, use Google a lot.

You would have to get access somehow to Wyze cloud storage or create some kind of device macro to get them stored or directly uploaded If you used the card it would be easier. If I understand correctly what you are saying.

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Here’s a quick photo on how to upload a photo to your post. Done on IOS but steps should be the same. Hope I got it in the right order!


I have mounted a Wyze cam 2 on a tripod and am attempting to record the Woodpecker family. I’m wondering if you know of anyone who has used lenses like the type for smartphones. I’m going to figure something out but thought I would network our clan and don’t know how to post a question. Thanks, love your stuff