Trigger Phillips Hue Lights With Wyze Cam



Hey Everyone! So with WyzeCam now using ifttt this opens so many tools and tricks using WyzeCam.
A feature most users haven’t tried or thought about is connecting Phillips Hue lights with WyzeCam via ifttt. So with HomeKit apple has something similar with HomeKit enabled camera with triggers when motion and sound is detected. This is easily possible with ifttt after connecting your WyzeCam and Hue account with ifttt you can view this page: you can select if motion is detected trigger, pick any camera you’d like to use, and then that trigger will be hue, you can make the hue light trigger a scene, room, or the entire house lights. If need any help or more tips with Hue & WyzeCam make sure to comment. “Hue Triggers:” “WyzeCam Triggers:



Heeeeyyyy… are you trying to trick us into turning OFF our lights on motion? :slight_smile: (See step 9)


No? Steps show how to trigger the lights on when the camera detects motion.


Was teasing because Step 9 says turn off lights, rather than turn on lights.


Is there no way to have the light turn off after 1 minute? I want the Wyze Cam’s motion detection to turn on the light but only for about 1 minute. I don’t want a squirrel or car headlights to trigger motion and have the light come on all night.


Great Question! I know if it’s HomeKit enabled it can send the trigger and turn off the lights after a set time. But when using IFTT, I’ll do some testing and building and see what I can do.