Trigger Event when outdoor power plug detects change in power usage (ON and OFF)

I would like to have the outdoor plug be able to create an event (and notify me) whenever it detects a change in the power level; e.g. no power being used to power being used. I would use this to notify me when my sump pumps go ON or OFF. I would use two plugs (each connected to separate circuit for the two cascaded pumps). During rain, the 1st pump will cycle ON and OFF. If the 2nd pump comes ON, the 1st one has probably failed, and I would like to be notified before the basement floods.

It would be great if you could be notified when the plug loses power, or when the device plugged into the plug turns off.

Example: Plug attached to the refrigerator, fridge losses power, you receive notification the plug is offline.

I have a similar need however, I would like the ability to simply receive a notification with a change in state of the Wyze Plug. I have a Humidifier plugged into a Wyze plug that turns off 6 hours after it is turned off automatically. If I could receive a notification of this state change then I would know to go and refill the Humidifier.

I too would like to get notified when the power drops very low.
I’d like to even see how much power (watts, not energy in kWhr) is being used, so I can keep some eye on power usage not averaged over an hour.
Yes, it might be busy, but it’s better than the slow average kWhr.

This is a great idea and suggestion! I, too, would like power notification events for instances when the power goes Off and/or brown outs, comes back On, etc. so I may plan accordingly around needing to go home to tend things, tend the puppies if the weather is too hot or cold and this Event I’m asking for notifies me that they will be in need soon.

I guess mine falls under another category maybe, too, being unrelated to the outdoor power plug? :thinking:

I agree that it would be good to know when power drops low or turns off for the device(s) connected to the outdoor plug so that you know when you have a failure or issue with the device connected to the plug. In my use-case scenario, I use the outdoor plug to monitor two outdoor ceramic heating elements in a chicken coop during cold winter weather. Since the heating elements aren’t a “light” I can’t visibly see when they burn out and need to be replaced so if I was able to monitor or be alerted to when the voltage drops or is nonexistent then it would prevent the chicken coop from going un-heated during extreme winter weather. The plug has a feature to monitor usage going ABOVE a threshold, but not BELOW a threshold.

OK maybe this is an odd use-case scenario but I use the Wyze Outdoor Plug to power two outdoor ceramic heating elements in my chicken coop during the cold winter weather. It is convenient to be able to set a schedule for the heating elements to turn/off daily. But, since these ceramic heating elements aren’t a “light” I can’t visibly see when they burn out and need to be replaced. The Outdoor Plug is helpful for showing the overall electricity usage, and it contains an upper threshold setting for when consumption EXCEEDS a higher level. But, if I want to know when one of my ceramic heating elements has burned out and needs to be replaced, I’d like to know when the device connected to it DROPS BELOW a certain threshold or stops consuming power altogether so that I know something connected to it isn’t working anymore. Is that type of functionality already available in the Outdoor Plug? Or would it be possible to add such functionality in a future software update?

Could a Wyze thermostat give you a low temp warning? Just curious.

I would like it to be able to send (near) real-time notifications when the power usage changes on one of the sockets on the outdoor plug. In my case, I have a sump pump plugged into socket 1, and I would like to know if / when it runs. Also, I have an exhaust fan on socket 2, is it running or not? (Not the state of the plug control, but when the plug is powered on, is the fan running or off, and possibly how fast it is running based on the power usage)