Trigger Event when outdoor power plug detects change in power usage (ON and OFF)

I would like to have the outdoor plug be able to create an event (and notify me) whenever it detects a change in the power level; e.g. no power being used to power being used. I would use this to notify me when my sump pumps go ON or OFF. I would use two plugs (each connected to separate circuit for the two cascaded pumps). During rain, the 1st pump will cycle ON and OFF. If the 2nd pump comes ON, the 1st one has probably failed, and I would like to be notified before the basement floods.

It would be great if you could be notified when the plug loses power, or when the device plugged into the plug turns off.

Example: Plug attached to the refrigerator, fridge losses power, you receive notification the plug is offline.

I have a similar need however, I would like the ability to simply receive a notification with a change in state of the Wyze Plug. I have a Humidifier plugged into a Wyze plug that turns off 6 hours after it is turned off automatically. If I could receive a notification of this state change then I would know to go and refill the Humidifier.