Transfer account to new phone. Android format

How do you transfer account to new Samsung phone. Android

Load the app on the new phone. Log in. Done. There is nothing to “transfer”. If you want to remove your account from the old phone, sign out. Optionally uninstall the app.


Welcome to the Forum Community, @rshaneck2002! @K6CCC is correct. Your account and device data is stored on the Wyze servers. You can put the app on multiple devices and log in with your same user info without anything else needing to be done. Any changes you make on one will show up in the other.

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The app is only a front end, I have the app installed on an iPhone, iPad, an Android phone, an Android tablet, and a FireStick4K

Let us know if you have any issues, this forum is a fantastic resource and I’ve yet to have an issue that someone else has either resolved, or determined that it’s a dead end, preventing me from going down a rabbit hole!