Trainable Sound Sensor- Water sensor, doorbell, washer/dryer, fire alarm, CO

So, I like to see a sensor that is just a microphone array that listens for noises.
You could train it to hear anything in your house and it would just sit around and listen for those tones. Then you could buy any old water sensor, doorbell, washer/dryer, fire alarm, CO detector, and get alerts for any of them from one device. Put it in train mode, set off your alarm, record it as what it is.

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Welcome and Cool idea @fastm3driver!
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A sound sensor that sends you notification when smoke alarm goes off.
Most people all ready have smoke detectors at home this device will simply notify you it went off.

You can get notifications and video recording if you set it up on your camera(except outdoor camera). I do think a separate device would be good for places you don’t want a camera.

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Sure, well you are not always home so you could call the fire department or police. You could also have it turn on your lights as an additional warning to light your exit.

You would also probably have better mic’s that were designed to listen for these noises. Like a washing machine ending it’s cycle. or a sump alarm another camera might not be near. Should probably be cheaper too.

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I don’t need a separate device for this, the cameras already send push notifications for fire and CO detector alarms.

I would like to see a door bell notification from the cameras so I know if someone rings my doorbell when I am out, and records video.

A trainable alert for other sounds would be great for detecting my flood alarm or other devices.

I don’t have cameras inside the house and the smoke alarms are inside

I would love to have a device that can detect volume in a home, such as fire alarms or CO detectors or glass breakage. Additioanlly, if it detected noise levels that would be disturbing to neighbors, that would be helpful.

I would also like a smoke alarm or CO detector combination made for my security system. It sounds like one has already been made but I cannot find it in the store. If anyone knows where to buy one for my wyze security system please let me know. Thank you Chris