Trade-in/Trade-up Program

For those of us that purchased WyzeCams early on, and now have several v1 cams, you should have a trade-in or trade-up program in place so the v1 cams can be replaced with v2 cams, or give credit towards a future purchase.

I think it’s called eBay or Facebook Marketplace…


come on. they are $20. you were an early adopter. that’s the price you pay.

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also craigslist

Attn Wyze Team:

Do y’all have a buy back program or something where I can trade in my v1 cams for v2 cams?


Hi @Larry. I have moved your question to the relevant #wishlist topic. :slight_smile:

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We sell our products with really thin margins so we don’t have a lot of space for stuff like this. While we enjoy the idea, we likely will not do such a program.