TOTAL recall of Pan cams

I find that I get the best results if I turn rotation off and point it in the direction that I anticipate traffic with motion tracking turned on. If someone or thing enters from that direction it usually keeps up with it fairly well, but still very jerky playback. Good enough for identifying an intruder but not very good if you want to post a Facebook video of a pet ect.

Anyone else had problems with the Pan and Wyze bridge ?

Had a Bridge connected to a Cam Pan and on occasion (at lease once a week) it would loose connection to the Sensor(s) paired to it. The Pan is in fix position with pan scan and motion tracking off.

In the Wyze app running on android any manual panning would do this also.
Multi rebooting to fix …I’m using the brick and USB cord supplied with the Pan.

I moved it to a V2 and loosing sensors pairing has diminished.
There’s posts to this issue with some users that concluded that the Bridge being incompatible with the Pan …

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So instead of Wyze fixing the Pan cam, the solution is to kill a forum thread that is highlighting the problem. And Wyze can not ever admit the problem exists.

Way to go - you have just proven my point. My don’t you just remove the complete thread.

I see your problem Zenginerd.
Because of the bright light to the left. When a camera moves around bright light, it causes changes in the lens that looks like movement.
I have the same problem with a $250 camera I own and had to adjust the placement to reduce glare and lens flare.


My cameras work fine. All do and all options for configuring settings are there to be used as needed. Used with patience and common sense.
On another sight there was a similar complaint and a huge load of dictating to all readers to be miserable with him and do and say what he demands or instructs.
I am pretty sure the average readers on here are not a bunch of mindless farm animals.
Simply an unhappy camper with a private couch and keyboard.
The whole post was just a bunch of closed minded brainless rants.
Makes me think he is just having a bad day or basic wyze skills were too much to hang on too .
These cameras are great for the money and could be set wrong, if they are set… environment counts. Motion counts. Sound counts, location counts, tagging counts. Wifi counts and phone counts.
If someone can’t figure cheap ones… probably should stay in the kitchen and bake a cake or something. The more expensive cameras will make you have to think.
Life is not at all not like dancing around like tinker bell thinking all has GOT TO BE EASY.
Get over it or slow down and get it right. Get someone to read the book to you step by step


Hello lucdave
I agree with you about the bright colors causing feedback affects that alter the intended dynamics.


I have pan cam from Amazon.Not being new to cameras I find that’s it’s a hit and miss on both Motion tagging and Motion tracking.Would I pay $60 + cdn again NO ?I really did not expect all advertised functions to work at this price point.When and if canadian price is dropped maybe as another toy.
My two cents worth from an old guy.

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Yes… this happens to mine. I have to unplug it from power and the bridge… plug it back in and it works agin. Reboots don’t work. I have one for upstairs and one downstairs and the both do the same thing. the light bulbs are far worse… I’ve simply given up. I’ve been in iT 30 years and know more about Wifi that most of people on earth and tried every trick in the book with multiple routers/wifi to get them stable… for me though, the CamV2 works very well… I have them inside and out (in Minneota) and rarely have any issue. I only have a few hundred bucks into everything, so I’m not sweating it.


Contact BBB. They should deal with Wyze if it’s an issue of false advertising.

Thank you for your feedback, everyone. I have been sharing this with the team.

@The_Tango, I’m pretty sure that you recently posted on Facebook and I won’t repeat the same information here unless you or someone else would like for me to.


Mine worked fine with mouse tracking inside a dark cupboard. It’d actively track the mouse and record him for the 12 seconds or whatever. Then I can look at the recordings if I wanted to see more than that.

It doesn’t seem to be overshooting. Whatever is on the left, it’s picking up as motion. I would try a different location. Something over there is being perceived as moving/changing.

I was having an issue with one of my Pan Cams turning, after it was set where I wanted it to focus. I did not have motion tracking or tagging on. However there is a feature in the settings for the motion detection to adjust the field of the area you want the cam to see and I believe track and tag motion motion. I made adjustments to the setting and the Cam stopped moving on its own. You will need to go into the Cams settings and click Detection Settings and then Detection Zone. I narrowed and center the zone in the Cams field of view and that worked for me. I’m not sure if this will help with any of your specific issues but, maybe five it a try.


I have 2 pan cameras and both work “mostly” for the pan action but after using them, I discovered I never used anything more than about 225 degrees worth of travel. I decided 2 regular Wyze Cams work better for me. Two regular Wyze Cams placed side by side at an angle to each other covers a great area. I now use this format around my house (under the eves outside). When the weather kills these cameras (as they are not designed for outside use) I will just replace them. I’ve had 2 cams outside for over a year now and they still work fine here in the Florida sun, heat, and rain. I’ve added 4 more outside recently. I have had some memory cards go bad (I record 24/7) but I buy the $5 32 Mb from Amazon and they are not the best available. How does this work out financially? If I bought one nice outdoor cam from Amazon that cost about $200 it would have to last 8 years or more without issue to match my current setup even if I had to replace my Wyze Cam each year! (1 Wyze Cam each year for 8 years = $25 x 8 = $200.) Not a bad cost per value!


I agree. Used the exact same setup to replace one troublesome pan which I have moved to a happier location and have been very pleased.

I was one of the first buyers of the Pan and reported it. I returned the Pan in the grace period because the issue was not resolved. I called it “the cold shoulder” issue. Recently, I bought another Pan and see that the tracking issues have NOT been fixed. I turned off tracking. I wonder why they continue to market and sell this feature on Pan. I figure a Class Action may some day surface.


Any time there is motion, the Pan Cam will face the nearest wall. :man_shrugging:

I agree with the OP regarding the false promise of the smooth panning example they use to advertise on their website.


One of the reasons I even purchased this item was for motion tracking.As others have stated mine seems to have a mind of its own.Goes everywhere but where it should and therefore do not bother with this advertised option.

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Hey just outta curiosity who else gets 14 seconds or more for each recording? And am I just stuck with 12 seconds or can that b changed