Toilet paper holder flips to feed front or back

With Wyze’s upcoming trainable AI detection, nobody says the toiletcam has to be pointing at a face to identify who’s there…

Since recycling is always best, I present

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Why do my legs and back feel slimey when I use that thing?
All I know is that I seem to be slightly more tan each time I use it. It doubles as a partial bronzer.
I bet we could add a motor into that thing and make it automated instead of using pedals. Make it a smart device…well, a motorized IoT device anyway, not sure this thing could ever be accurately labeled as “smart”…

Anyone remember these in a public restroom who WASN’T entirely sure it simply rolled the same short length of cloth towel through again, and again, and again?



I used something just like this for many years at the shop and was one of the few who knew how to thread the roll correctly.

The uniform company drops off a few clean rolls of towels every week and picks up the dirty rolls to be cleaned.