Toilet flusher ability with motion sense

With the help of the WyzePan Cam and motion sensor, we have successfully trained our newly adopted, yet old, cat to use the toilet. It’s awesome.
However, at some point, after this pandemic, we are going to want to go on vacation. She needs the toilet flushed in between #1 and #2.
My husband has tried building a raspberry pi controlled robot to flush but unfortunately, the motor was not strong enough and wouldn’t consistently stay connected.
I would love it if Wyze could come up with a device to flush the toilet after motion has been cleared for 30 seconds but also, remotely by voice. This would be a great feature for kids and elderly, as well!

A relay activated by a sensor (or camera) connected to a solenoid should do the trick

Internet search is my friend.

Apparently the FlushMinder model is no longer available.