TO THE ADMINISTRATION- I agreed to your Terms when I bought your camera

I wasn’t aware I could zoom the display with a pinch, but I see that now. I tried it, and yes I can manually “unzoom” the video playback after it starts, but the default on every event is to display the image zoomed, so it’s still a bug that wasn’t there before the app update.

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I think it was a typo and was meant to say “terms of service”

Guess what… you can use the camera but you cannot use the WYSE cloud. Sorry, sounds like you didn’t understand that when you buy a cloud based product that as the cloud software changes, you have to accept the TOS changes or stop using the cloud. Oracle, Microsoft, IBM all update their cloud based software TOS from time to time and you either agree tot he new terms or stop using their cloud. It’s how the cloud works.

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“Guess what… you can” NOT “use the camera” as intended and sold if you don’t agree with the TOS. It becomes a worthless brick, unless you want a pretty little paperweight. Guess what… “It’s how the cloud works.”
“Sorry, sounds like you didn’t understand”, or read all the previous comments. Unlike other statements you haven’t provided anything informative, so I don’t know if you’re trying to educate me, yourself, or just want to beat a dead horse.
I simply UNDERSTAND the concerns some have about the last TOS roll out. If you don’t, and want to continue with that process, that’s your prerogative. I might continue with it, I might not, that’s my prerogative.

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If you don’t want to use the cloud service you could load the RTSP firmware and disconnect from the Wyze service. You get a camera, and you get functionality (ie it’s not a brick). That’s actually way better than most of the cloud cams (can you use Blink, Ring or Nest cams with RTSP?).


That is helpful. Perhaps there is some hope if I ever decide to disagree with Wyze. I might look into that for one or two cameras anyway.

Thank you.

@cf7 - Oh me, it was my single finger typing, typo, The “that f” should have been “of”. I see I didn’t proof read very well… LOL

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I’m amused at the kerfuffle of TOS by people here. If you really want to experience a company changing terms of service, charging for services previously offered for free, promoting upgrade ads at every log-in and remaining focused on new hardware instead of fixing software issues; come visit the Arlo community and watch the fun. Initial outlays by users there start at $500 with many like me having thrown $1200+ for 4 camera, etc.


I can just imagine the kerfuffle that must have started !!

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Don’t imagine - Here’s a link to just one hot topic of “Smart Plan Pricing” that launched in December to the surprise and anger of many customers: Arlo New Smart Plan Subscription Pricing

The grass is not always greener.


It is not a complete waste. Just turn the auto panning off (there is a limited lifespan anyway when constantly panning). Turn them into a standard cam you can adjust when needed. Or adjust the cams so that the fans are not in the frame (why do you need record your ceiling?).

It would be nice if there was option to view the cameras, turn on bulbs and plugs, etc, when the internet is unavailable (supplier, storms, etc). Might also help the company if personal/home computers could act as a mini server to do a lot of the work.

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Sonos, the maker of high-end wireless audio products announced a few months ago that they would no longer support an older series and offered a discount on new products. Oh, and btw, your old product would be bricked if sold or not upgraded.

It is an app issue and it happened before. Please see the post suggested.
It happened to me before and it was solved with an app update. Nothing terrible there.

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your analogy is janky! A car needs gas in order to run/start, The Wyze Cam doesn’t need the internet to still receive power (aka “fuel source.”) There are other roads besides “freeways” so removing freeways would not prevent a vehicle from operating.

The cameras have a microSD option, and the camera is still getting power even when the internet connection is down/off, so it should still function LOCALLY on the network to view it from an app.

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That is incorrect; in order to get that discount on the new product, the old speaker had to be put in Recycle Mode (bricked.) You had the option to use the old hardware without any new firmware updates and pay full price for any new hardware you purchased, or you could upgrade to better sounding speakers at a decent discounted price and recycle the old hardware.

However this “Recycle Mode” mode is no longer implemented in the Sonos app, nor is it a requirement to receive the discount on an upgraded product.

Your example would only make sense if the Wyze cams were sold to work as local IP camera. They have always been in my experience cloud cams and as such without the cloud connection they will operate on your network and record to their SD ram if installed but will be otherwise unusable via the app. If you wanted cameras that were local ip cameras you could have bought them. Could a firmware update or hack do what you want? - probably. But what you are describing is not the product you purchased

Thanks for the correction. Working off memory which isn’t always a good thing at my age. Stay well

You response is aimed at the wrong person; I was submitting a response in regards to someones janky attempt to compare the cams to a car… I never requested them to have local access.

And the cameras do function without access to the cloud service; I network blocks any attempt for the cameras to make an outside connection from the local network. Furthermore they run RTSP firmware, while a couple of them now run the “WebCam” firmware.

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