TinyPro and Wyze Cameras Code 2005

Been using TinyCam with all my Six Wyze cameras without a problem; however, this morning, after all my Wyze cameras in TinyCam are showing "Wyze Cam service failed with code 3005 (UnauthoirzedOperation).

I have the setup that I always had: Cameras brand: Wyze Labs; Camera Model: Wyze Cam; Protocol: Cloud; UserName & Pasword for Wyze.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Just tried my V2 Cam using TinyCam Pro … works ok.

Have you tried restarting everything? Sounds as if your password was changed or something.

My TinyCam Pro is running fine.

I’m looking at my 4 cams now on TinyCam (free) and they all work. I don’t recall ever seeing a 3005 error. Just other issues like 0 fps dropouts and PPP errors that clear after I restart the app.