Tinycam web server stopping

I’m using Tinycam pro to view my Wyze camera remotely. I have the Amazon app running on a recent Kindle Fire that is on and plugged in all the time, running actiontiles on fully.

Problem is after about 4 hours the web server toggles itself off and the cameras can no longer be seen through it. I can’t figure out why. If I go back over to the running app of tinycam pro the toggle is off. I can turn it back on again, but it only stays on for a while, repeat.

Any ideas? The support email for Tinycam pro is not responding after a week now.

its working right now, but its slower than usual. it took almost a minute for it to load my 6 cameras…usually its only about 7 seconds.

I have a bit of buyers remorse as well.
I found Tinycam Pro stopped working after a couple of days and needed to be restarted…

I run TinyCam Pro on an nVidia Shield without any problems at all.