TinyCam setup help please!



I am on a Mac, and have installed the Android Emulator and TinyCam FREE. I am unable to see any cameras of any brand. I would appreciate any help with setup. If I can get TinyCam to work with my cameras, I will purchase the full version of TinyCam.


Chris made some nice instructions here:


I have found that you sometimes have to restart Bluestacks once or twice to get it to work.


Viewing 4 cameras using Bluestacks makes my 2-yrs old i3 notebook’s CPU 70+% busy. Viewing just 1 camera will make CPU ~ 50% busy. Hence I use a Fire HD 10 and tinycam pro webserver to view 4 cameras at a time on my 27" monitor connected to my notebook. CPU is ~ 20% busy. So far so good. I bought the Fire HD 10 when it was on sale with$30 discount just for running the webserver. The HD 10 is pretty good and responsive. Battery can last a long time. I kill the tinycam pro app, then just let the webserver to run in the background to save battery life.


Thanks, I will try with the non pro first, if that doesn’t work I will try Pro. All I have to loose is $4.00.


I was thinking about that, but not sure how to go. If WyzeCam would come out with an app that allows more than one camera on the screen. I would just run the WyzeCan app.


Which Android emulator are you using on your Mac? Nox worked, but was a little flakey and an older version of Android. Bluestacks works well, but is a resource hog.


Anyone found a ‘light’ emulator that runs well on Mac?




Okay, the setup is pretty easy with TinyCam. Once you have your cams selected (either via network scan or manually entered via IP), make sure to put WyzeCam as the Camera Brand and Model, put in your Wyze username/password for the Login Settings, and most importantly, you will need to go to the Advanced Settings at the bottom and under the ‘Other’ section give EACH cam its own channel number (1,2, 3, 4, etc - they all have to be different).

You shouldn’t have to touch anything else.


OK thanks, once my iMac comes back from Apple, (SSD replacement) I will restore the system from clone drive and test it out.


Is anyone using Bluestack and tinycam pro webserver? dont know how to get the right IP address. Any help thanks!


I’m having the same issue, looks like Bluestack uses NAT Network Address Translation I can access my network from Bluestack but can’t reach the Bluestack Tinycam webserver from my network.


I used to use BlueStacks. Just thought I would mention that I am happier with MEmu for an emulator.