Timelapse File does not exist


getting a “File does not exist” after creating a timelapse and after its generated





Try the following steps:

  • Force close the app
  • Re-open the app
  • Select the camera you recorded the timelapse on
  • Select the “More” menu
  • Select “Album”
  • Select the timelapse video, and it should download

Let us know if that works for you, or not.

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That didnt work. I reset the cam and tried again.

Before resetting when i clicked on the timelapse it downloaded, finished at 100% and then brought up a play button then said not found. Now after resetting, i click on the timeline from the album and it immediately says not found.



Are you able to playback anything from the SD card in that camera?



Yes, i can play all other videos and pics from the album. The timelapse completes, and when I click on the timelapse, it appears to download 100% then says 000/001 like the file is no there…

tried several times now, and timelapse is just not working… Must be a Beta Bug.



I made a small timelapse today and didn’t have this issue. I am a Beta tester as well. Find a media scanner app in the playstore or what have you and use that. it should just run through all the files on your phone and make sure all media files are present and working. I have had instances in downloading things from online and they don’t show in my phone. using a media scanner might help the phone find/ recognize the file as a legitimate file and then be able to play it.



I have 4 other cams and timelapse works on them using both my samsung s8 and tabA




maybe it didn’t have a fully successful write to the card and the file isn’t showing completed. format the card and do a quick lapse and see if that works. I don’t know what else would cause that, especially if your other cameras are working with that function fine.



I’ve been having this issue since the latest android beta app update 2.3.12. Can’t download any time lapses on any cameras. Have tried resetting cameras and app… Have not pulled card out of camera yet, they’re not in convenient locations…



I have 3 cams running on app version 2.3.12 and they all exhibit this same behavior…“file does not exist.” I’m not sure when it started as it had been a while since i did a timelapse, but i bought another cam specifically to do timelapses…and then discovered its not working on any device.



Glad someone can confirm. I create time lapses every day and first noticed this after the last beta firmware update.

Tried reverting to non beta app, also tried formatting card and replacing the card completely and still have the issue.

When I take the card and put into the computer, I can find the time lapse files.



@gggg @Mechatricity Thank you so much for bringing up the time lapse download issue. Could you please send us App logs when it happens, we will look into it ASAP. Thank you.



Hey Gwendolyn, This is off topic but I just purchased my third Wyze cam on Amazon. I’m having a problem when I try to do time lapse. I’m getting the message "Timelapse does not exist. I’ve got firmware version I see a thread from a year ago where you guys were dealing with this. My other cams (Wyze Black) and Pan cam seem to work. Can you help? Should I send back to Amazon?

Please reply to [email address removed for privacy]

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