Time limit on a "rule"?

Howdy all,
What I’d like to do is have one of my Bulb Color come on (for a short amount of time, maybe 5 minutes) when one of my Wyze cams detects motion.
I’ve got it set up to come on when motion is detected however it just stays on. Is there any way to have it turn off after a certain amount of time? Anybody have any ideas??

I appreciate any thoughts!

Thanks for reading.

Yes. Reportedly you can kick off two rules at the same time based on a single trigger. The second rule would be pause and turn off. I think this was done in Alexa.

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Thanks for your idea…though I’d really prefer to stay within the Wyze app if at all possible. I’m just not a huge fan of Alexa.
Maybe I’ll give it a shot if I can’t figure another way.

Thanks again for the reply👍

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The best method I’ve found is using the (currently unavailable) Sense v1 Motion Sensors because they have a Device Trigger for when the Sensor “Becomes Clear” of motion as well as “Has Been Clear for X period of time”.

Unfortunately the Cams themselves can Trigger on motion but not the clearing of motion.

Sounds like with Wyze Home Monitoring right on the horizon they should have the v2 Sense Motion Sensors (and required new standalone hub) available in the next few months.

Plus + sign upper LH corner, Add rule, Device Trigger, Name it like Light Out, + by Device Trigger, Select which light you want, Select Has been on for, select the time you want, Save, + by Action, select light you want, select Turn Off, Save, scroll down if you want this to happen at a certain time, Save
Hope this helps you


Your answer is better than mine. You have described the best method available if you want to have it go off simply after a period of time rather than by lack of motion for a period of time. It is a good compromise solution if the Motion Sensors aren’t an option.

It’s especially viable for OPs scenario using Camera Motion as the tigger. (Alternatively, if you use a contact sensor opening as the trigger, there is no reoccurring trigger to keep the lights on even if the area still needs light. Becomes harder to pick the optimal time to turn off bulbs.)

If you set the “Has been on for” time for 10 minutes or longer, as long as there is motion the light will not turn off. The camera will always pick up motion and trigger the light on rule before the light times out.

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I wanted to turn the brightness up on the garage lights when a car pulls up in the drive way on my v2, then dim back down when motion clears just like the motion sensor. Nevermind. The solution above would be to turn it off completely.

You can set the brightness of a Wyze bulb in an Alexa routine.

yes I have this routine setup on others, but there is no way to have alexa motion detect on v2 and raise the brightness on a bulb and then dim it after set period of time

Yes please, add a time out option in the rule so the bulbs can revert to their previous status.