Time Lapse Of Snowstorm


Nice production!


For a $30 camera it does a pretty good job. I have another camera set up doing a 365 day shoot…hopefully it doesn’t crap out before it done


Nice. I was entertained watching the light in the back yard get buried in snow…

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What settings are you using for the year long time lapse?

What type of wyze camera are you using?

I’m using this one… https://www.amazon.com/Wyze-Indoor-Wireless-Detection-Assistant/dp/B076H3SRXG

With this housing… https://www.amazon.com/Camera-Outdoor-Weather-Indoor-Included/dp/B08CRD9M8C?crid=14R1Y8A82976X

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Unfortunately you can’t really do a year. The max is 31 or 32 days at a a time. So I’m doing one Photo at 11:am every day for a month. On the day it ends I start with another 31 or 32 days. I would have really liked to do a photo at 9am, Noon and 3pm but their is really no way to do that

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very nice show :slight_smile: