Time lapse guidance on memory use and frame rate



What is the frame rate when a time lapse video is played back? I’d like calculate how long a time lapse video will take to play back. Is it 30 frames per second, or 60, or something else? For instance a video that takes one image a minute for an hour will have 60 images. When I play it back will this be a 2 second video (30 fps), or 1 second video (60 fps)? Also is their any information available on the approximately how large each image is? I know this varies but any guidance would be useful.

If we can get this information then we’ll know how long our time lapse videos will take to playback, and how much memory they’ll take. Without it their is no way to know.

Sorry if this information is readily available somewhere and I’ve missed it.

P.S. - This is a terrific product!


It’s 30 fps.