Time lapse formula

I have wanted a way to know the interval I should use depending on how many hours the images are taken and the length of movie I want. I think I have a formula that works.

Hours divided by minutes times 2 equals the interval.

For instance I want a time lapse taken over 3 hours that will last 1.5 minutes when I watch it.

3 hours/1.5 minutes = 2, 2*2 = 4. The interval is 4.

Yes,that works, as long as the units you use are hours for the elapsed time, minutes for the end video length, and seconds for the interval.

Are you interested in why that works?

I think it works because:

(Period in hours * 60 minutes/hour * 60 seconds/minute) / (Video in minutes * 60 seconds/minute * 30 frames/second) = (P/V) * 2 seconds/frame





I could do that because of what my physics 101 professor drilled into my head 50 years ago…

I have created a little excel formula that calculates recording times for any desired video length and any interval. You choose the output video length, and the interval settings, and it tells you how long to record. Any way to share it?

You can’t share an Excel file here, but you could share a screenshot of the formula so others could type it into their Excel spreadsheet.

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