Time Lapse Error



So, I decided to test out the time lapse feature last night, and upon checking my album this morning, I see that it is there… The only issue is that when I click on it the download icon disappears and shows 0% which I would assume is the amount downloaded.

About 5 seconds later I get an error message “Network not stable, please try again later.” I have tried viewing on a different device and on wi-fi as well as data connection.


Any Ideas?

Camera Firmware

App Version 1.2.58



Also, not sure if it is related, but I have been getting a lot of instances lately when I pull up my cams and see the alphanumeric name of the camera instead of the alias. Then at some point, the app normally crashes, reopens and everything is good again.


Hmm, that is weird. We haven’t received reports for that. When you said alphanumeric name, do you mean the MAC # printed at the bottom of your camera? Can you take a screenshot of your phone?

If you have a crash, please open the app again and submit an app feedback right after the crash. It will include the app log. Also, please put in a brief description of what you did right before the crash. Thanks!