Time Lapse "Action Failed"


I received and set up my Wyze Cam Pans. I have two stationary Wyze Cams and two Cam Pans. I can set up a time lapse without issue on the stationary (V1/V2) cameras, but I receive an error when trying to set up a time lapse on the Pan Cams. I use the exact same parameters on both, and have new, formatted SD cards on the Cam Pans with up to date firmware. When I click “Set” I receive the following error: “Action failed, please try again later”. I’ve tried shorter and longer start/ends times and intervals, without luck. Any ideas what’s going on here?


I’ve had the same issue. is there a resolution to this?


I think you can only time laps moving forward. So you would set the start at now or a time in the future, and the end also in the future, then it will run the time laps and compile it.